The mission of the usher at St. Uriel's is hospitality: making parishioners, guests, and visitors welcome and comfortable as we gather for our Eucharistic celebration.  Our ushers are able to see Christ in each person as they arrive.


This ministry is open to all parishioners: men and women; senior citizens, parents and teenagers.  Ushers are friendly people who welcome equally people of all ages, backgrounds, races, and nationalities.  Ushers are honest and dependable.  They can handle emergency situations with courage and composure.  They carry a dignity about themselves even when performing menial tasks.  Those duties include:


- Greeting parishioners attending Mass

- Assisting with seating

- Selecting and assisting parishioners as gift bearers for the Offertory Gifts
- Collecting monetary offerings
- Distributing Church bulletins and handouts
- Securing Church facilities following all liturgical celebrations

- Handling emergency situations with courage and composure


Additional ushers are always needed.

Schedule 2022 

December 4
2nd Sunday of Advent

8:00am Mass
John Muly
Chris Muly

10:00am Mass
Tom Pace 
Lori Pace

December 24
Vigil of the Nativity

Peter Cavagnaro
Tom Pace


December 11
3rd Sunday of Advent

8:00am Mass
Charlie Krippendorf
Steve Shebell

10:00am Mass
Dave Kiely
Emily Conover

December 18
4th Sunday of Advent

8:00am Mass
Joe Tramontano
Nora Tramontano

10:00am Mass
Spencer Morasch
Susan Morasch

December 25
The Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ
Christmas Day

Charlie Krippendorf