Rector Search

No Longer Receiving Names

The following information was posted on the Episcopal Digital Network on October 25th, 2021. The Discernment Committee is now reviewing the applicant profiles that have been submitted.

Job Description

St. Uriel’s was founded in 1903 as an Anglo-Catholic Episcopal Church. This tradition has been maintained in all our worship; therefore, we seek a rector who is Anglo-Catholic in Theology and all forms of the Liturgy. As a Eucharistic-centered parish, all Masses are celebrated at one of three East-facing altars. Emphasis is also placed upon pastoral care. Commitment to loving and praying for those in our faith community is very strong as evidenced through our Order of St. Luke chapter and our prayer warriors. Hospital and home visits by the rector must be a priority. In addition to incorporating parishioners into the ministry at every Mass, we look for spiritual renewal through adult education. This requires a rector who will lead continuous education through Bible study, forums, retreats, homilies, and electronic means. In addition to a spiritual leader, we look for a parish leader with strong administrative, communication, and technology skills. We anticipate that this individual will join the wardens, vestry, and congregation in planning how to increase attendance and thrive as an Anglo-Catholic parish more effectively now and years into the future. Because we have actively engaged in hands-on, financial, and material support to local agencies, in addition to those worldwide, we pursue a rector who collaborates with all of our church ministries and actively models and promotes our beliefs within the local communities.

Application Process

Please contact Rhonda Jackson, Acting Transition Officer, or 609-394-5281 Extension 42, to submit cover letter, OTM Portfolio, resume, and responses to Clergy Questionnaire found on the diocesan website at:

Application Deadline – November 19, 2021


The Story So Far ...

Congregational Discernment Meeting (1).jpeg

Congregational DIscernnment Meeting
Sunday, August 29, 2021

Michael Redpath.jpeg

Michael Redpath
Transition Consultant

On Sunday, January 10, 2021, the Rev. Russell A. Griffin, Rector since 2004, celebrated his final Mass at St. Uriel's and entered into a well-deserved retirement after a long and distinguished incumbency.

The Rev. John D. Alexander of the Episcopal Diocese of Rhode Island began as Interim Priest on March 1, 2021 after taking up residence in the rectory in February.

The Vestry subsequently formed a Discernment Committee to work with Michael Redpath, the diocesan Transition Consultant appointed for the parish. Mr. Redpath held an initial Orientation Meeting with both the Vestry and Discernment Committee on Saturday, July 17th.

The Rt. Rev. William H. (Chip) Stokes, XII Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of New Jersey, visited St. Uriel's the evening of Wednesday, July 28th for the customary Town Hall meeting to explain the transition process and answer questions. Thirty-seven parishioners attended.

On August 29th, following a single Sunday Mass at 9 am, Mr. Redpath facilitated a Congregational Discernment Conversation in the parish hall. Over fifty parishioners attended.


The Discernment Committee has now used the comments from the August 29th meeting, as well as a follow-up mailing to those who could not attend, to complete a Parish Profile that will soon be posted on the Episcopal Church's Transitional Ministry website for circulation to potential Rector candidates throughout the country.

Watch this Space ...


... for news of future developments as they happen! And please keep the St. Uriel's Discernment Process and Rector Search in your constant prayers.