"And the overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony..." Rev. 12:11


Over the years, St. Uriel's has witnessed the power of Jesus' redemptive and healing love.  Many a Christian has come to Christ through the "testimony" of a believer.  Testimonies can also act as an encourage for fellow Christian.  We are now adding this new page with the testimonies of parishioners who have received amazing healings, both spiritual and physical healings. 


But the testimonies goes beyond physical and spiritual healing.  Testimonies also include bearing witness to the faith in times where it is not "politically correct".  Bobby Bowden, the retired head coach of the Florida State Univesity football team said, "I would rather be spiritual correct rather than politically correct."


From a Mother:

Father Griffin,

In my daughter's History or English class, I forget which, the teacher asked, "Who knows what is original sin?"  This school is not a relgious school.  I just found it very interesting that there were only two students who felt comfortable enough to answer the questions.  My daughter was one.   The other girl is also an Episcopalian.  Thanks to God and my daughter's Sunday School teachers over the years and you!!



​From a Contractor:

I injured myself at work by making a large gash in my hand.  The hand was terribly swollen and required numerous stitches. Over the weekend my hand was causing me great pain and was throbbing.  At Mass, as soon as I received the Sacrament in my hand, the throbbing stopped and my pain ceased.  Thank you Jesus!

Title: "Sunrise" 

Album: Brian Crain and the                   Bc String Ensemble

Artist: Brain Crain