Respect Life

"Every human life has its origins in the heart of God."
- St. Teresa of Calcutta

Respect Life is to promote a Christ-like respect for all phases of life, from conception to natural death, through prayers and service.  St. Uriel's supports the unborn and their moms, mothers and their babies, those who have lost babies, the sick, elderly, poor and homeless.  We do through counceling and support of the Solutions Pregnancy Center in Shrewsbury, NJ.  Our columbarium provides a niche for mothers who have had an abortion to begin the process of healing through counceling, naming the child and offering up a Mass for the baby.  Also, parents who have lost a child through a premature birth.


We also provide outreach funds and support for Downey Side whose NJ offices are housed at St. Uriel's.  Downey Side is the only national adoption agency exclusively devoted to recruiting families for youth 7 to 17 years old who need permanent families.  For many children in the foster care system, adoption is the only safeguard against future homelessness in their young lives.


Why not change your NJ license plate to a "Choose Life" plate.  Her is how to do it. 

Click on the link:    NJ: Choose Life




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