Order of St. Luke the Physician

The Order of St. Luke the Physician is an international ecumenical order for promoting prayer groups for healing in the local church.


The mission of the Order at St. Uriel’s is to male known that Christ continues to heal even today.  The members of OSL in the parish seeks to promote the practice of holding healing liturgies, sponsors healing seminars, workshops and prayer groups.  In the past several years, St. Uriel’s OSL group has sponsored workshops on developing prayer ministry and prayer teams.  We have also offered seminars with such noted speakers as Fr. Michael Flynn, Kelly Ferrari, Michael Ferris.


The Chapter also teaches Christians how to pray for healing for themselves and others and to encourage a sound pastoral and counseling ministry.  A number of our members visit the local hospitals, nursing facilities and shut-ins with the healing touch of Jesus.  After the Sunday Masses, prayer teams are available in the Lady Chapel for special times of prayer and intercession.



Pictured above is one of several seminars held at St. Uriel's. This weekend seminar was lead by Fr. Michael Flynn, renonwn author and director of Fresh Winds Ministries.   The theme of the seminar was, A Time to Heal.  Such topics taught were, The Ministry of Jesus Alive Today, Intimacy with Jesus, Five Step Healing Model, Inner Healing, and How to organize a healthy healing ministry. 



Scripture is God’s self-revelation to us, and He has shown Himself to both “speak and act” for our benefit.  Every member of the brotherhood is called to study the Word of God in the Holy Bible. The Holy Spirit provides a setting for study, prayer, and learning. 



Whenever the brethren meet, they spend time in the study of God’s Word and a teaching is given.  Through discussion, the brethren share what they have learned.  As they study, the brothers seek the gifts of the Holy Spirit, especially wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.  The benefit of studying Holy Scripture is the opportunity to grow in faith and to become better witnesses of our Lord, Jesus.


The Brotherhood is dedicated to continuing the work of Christ in helping and caring for those in need.  The Brotherhood helps to coordinate the many ministries within the parish.  These ministries then reach out to the parish community as well as those in the local community, national and international community. 


The brethren strive to bring parishioners to an awareness and knowledge of the various needs confronting us and others, so that we, as individuals and as a parish community, might be able to help address those in need.

Video: Healing Ministry

This video is an overview of the ministry of the Order of St. Luke the Physician.  Canon Mark Pearson, and Anglican priest, speaks on the healing ministry in the life of the Church.