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Major Figures in Anglicanism

Lancelot Andrewes                     George Herbert 1593-1633
Joseph Butler                                Richard Hooker
James DeKoven                            John Jewel 1522-1571
Charles Gore                                  John Keble  1792-1866
Charles Grafton                            Thomas Ken
Henry P. Liddon 1829-1890     J. B. Lightfoot     
F. D. Maurice                                John Mason Neale
John Henry Newman                 E.B. Pusey
Michael Ramsey                           Jeremy Taylor 1613-1661
Izaak Walton                                John Wesley
Isaac Williams 1802-1865                             


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Anglican Devotional Societies

The history of the Anglican Communion since the Oxford Movement (the 19th century Catholic revival within the Anglican Church) has seen the formation of a number of devotional societies


Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament
The Society of Walsingham
The Guild of All Souls
The Society of Mary
Society of King Charles the Martyr

Marriage and Family Life
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