Hurricane Sandy was devastating to the Jersey Shore, Staten Island, New York City and Long Island.  Working with the Churches of the Manasquan Ministerium, St. Uriel's supplied the various shelters and emergency sites with clothing, kitchen supplies, food, counseling and financial support.  St. Uriel's also was used as a site for the housing of recovery work teams.  St. Uriel's is most thankful for the many parishes throughout the country who sent clothing, cleaning supplies, financial support, and prayers and Masses offered up on behalf of the rescue operations.  Also a great deal of appreciation goes to the many people of St. Uriel's who offered their time, treasure and talents.  It is believed that it will take at least 7 years for the Jersey shore to fully recover.  The emotional recovery and healing from the devastation of the storm make take much longer. 


We are all so grateful for all the aid and assistance give by the many Churches of the Manasquan Ministerium to those who were so devastated by Sandy.

Title: "There is a Longing"

Album: On A Wing and a Prayer