Eucharistic Ministers

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Eucharistic Ministers Schedule

The Ministry of Eucharistic Minister:


"Because the sick are prevented from celebrating the Eucharist with the rest of the community, most important visits are those during which they receive Holy Communion. Receiving the body and blood of Christ, the sick are united sacramentally to the Lord and reunited with the Eucharistic community from which illness has separated them." [From the Rite of Pastoral Care of the Sick)  Those who recognize a calling to serve at the altar of the Lord, accept special delegation as Eucharistic Ministers of Communion.  Those who serve in this ministry assist the priest at Mass to distribute the Eucharist, the Sacred Body and Blood of our Lord, Jesus Christ.


Eucharistic ministers of Holy Communion assist the ordinary ministers of Holy Communion (bishop, priest and deacon) in the distribution of the Eucharist to the assembly, to the homebound and those in the hospitals and nursing homes.  They bring our Eucharistic Lord to others and witness to the reality of the presence of Christ in the community.  Our Eucharistic Ministers of Holy Communion are invaluable collaborators with the Rector and deacon in their outreach to the sick and homebound of the parish, thus enabling them to receive the Eucharist more frequently.

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