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Brotherhood of St. Andrew

The Brotherhood of St. Andrew is a men's ministry in The Episcopal Church, the World Wide Anglican Communion, and Churches with the Historic Episcopate in fellowship with the Anglican Communion. The Brotherhood's purpose is to bring men and boys to Christ. We live by the disciplines of (1) Prayer, (2) Regular Bible study, and (3) Service to others. Founded over 125 years ago, this international ministry can be found in the U.S.A., Japan, Philippines, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Africa, Jamaica, and other West Indian countries.



For the Brothers of the Brotherhood of St. Andrew, each day is to begin with prayer and meditation.  Prayer takes time. The Brotherhood is committed to taking the time to be with God in prayer.  Our prayer life enables us to recognize God's presence in people, events, and things.


Not only are the brethren expected to make time for personal prayer, they are also to pray in community whenever they get together in Christ’s Name.  They are to participate in the Eucharist, and in the sacramental life of the Church.  Knowing Christ is important to all the brethren so that they can be Christ for others.

Scripture is God’s self-revelation to us, and He has shown Himself to both “speak and act” for our benefit.  Every member of the brotherhood is called to study the Word of God in the Holy Bible. The Holy Spirit guides us in study, prayer, and learning. 


Whenever the brethren meet, they spend time in the study of God’s Word and a teaching is given.  Through discussion, the brethren share what they have learned.  As they study, the brothers seek the gifts of the Holy Spirit, especially wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.  The benefit of studying Holy Scripture is the opportunity to grow in faith and to become better witnesses of our Lord, Jesus.


The Brotherhood is dedicated to continuing the work of Christ in helping and caring for those in need.  The Brotherhood helps to coordinate the many parish ministries which reach out to the parish, neighborhood, national, and international communities.

The brethren strive to bring parishioners to an awareness and knowledge of the various needs confronting us and others, so that we, as individuals and as a parish, might be able to help.

Click on the Logo to visit the Brotherhood of St. Andrew website:

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This video is an overview of the ministry of the Brotherhood of St. Andrew.  We are a men's ministry in The Episcopal Church, the World Wide Anglican Communion.

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